101 in 1001

101 in 1001
Inspired by the new year and the many goals I’ve wanted to accomplish for a while now, I’ve decided to re-start the 101 things in 1001 days challenge which you can learn more about here. Make sure to check back frequently to keep up with my progress!

Start date: Monday, January 5, 2015
End date: Monday, October 2, 2017

In Progress

School/Professional (2/9)
1. Get an A(5/11/15)
2. Get an internship(5/2/15)
3. Get a job this summer
4. Graduate with my BS in Applied Legal Studies/History
5. Apply to Grad school
6. Sell all of my old text books
7. Re-do my resume
8. Find a job after I graduate
9. Complete Rosetta Stone in Italian

Blog (2/10)
10. Purchase a domain
11. Reach 500 followers on Bloglovin’
12. Host a giveaway
13. Be a guest blogger
14. Host a guest blogger
15. Attend a blogger conference
16. Update my blog theme
17. Start a blog series
18. Join a blogger network
19. Update my ‘about me” page (2/25/2015)

Personal (2/25)
20. Read 104 Books (53/104) — (I2)
21. Watch 20 new documentaries [4/20] [The Dark Matter of Love, The Real Amityville Horror, I Escaped a Cult, OJ Simpson Made in America]
22. Get a tattoo
23. Get the rest of my ear pierced
24. Learn to play a song on the piano
25. Clean out my closet and donate all of the clothes I don’t wear anymore (2/5/2015)
26. Create an inspiration board
27. Watch 5 full series [2/5 Parenthood, Grace and Frankie]
28. Save $3,000
29. Vote in an election
30. Complete 5 DIY projects [2/5]
31. Watch a movie I’ve never seen before starting with every letter of the alphabet [6/26]
32. Take a picture a day for 100 days
33. Donate to Diabetes research
34. Paint my room at home
35. Go to church every Sunday for a month
36. Re-read the Harry Potter series (Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows)
37. Give someone flowers for no reason
38. Visit 8 museums [1/8] — 1
39. Walk around christmas lights
40. Write a letter to someone who has inspired me
41. Go to a coffee shop every Sunday for a month to get school work done
42. Burn through 5 candles [0/5]
43. Get a celebrity to tweet me back(Jim O’Heir 5/5/15)

Health/Fitness/Beauty (4/20)
44. Get a facial and a massage (5/7/15)
45. Grow out my hair again
46. Do squats every night for a month
47. Go to bed at 10:30 every school night for a week
48. Get my makeup done by a professional
49. Complete a couch to 5k
50. Run a race
51. Try hot yoga
52. Try a barre class
53. Make 8 Pinterest recipes [0/8]
54. Floss every night for a month
55. Buy a new curling iron (12/25/2015)
56. Go on a hike
57. Walk/Run 100 miles in 100 days
58. Fill out bucket list book
59. Find the perfect red lipstick
60. Go a whole month without eating fast food
61. Feel more confident
62. Try 4 fruits I’ve never had before(Cherries) [1/4]
63. Go a whole month without taking a nap
64. No french fries for a month (3/18/15)

Fun Things (6/27)
65. Tour Fenway Park
66. Go snow tubing
67. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
68. Write a letter to myself to read when the 1001 days are over
69. Go to a concert // Ed Sheeran (5.23.15)
70. Try sushi (1/15/15)
71. Go to Witches Woods
72. Give 5 “just because” gifts [0/5]
73. See a show on Broadway
74. Make a college “yearbook” after I graduate
75. Throw a scavenger hunt party
76. Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party
77. Go ice skating on Frog Pond (2/7/15)
78. Go to Karaoke and sing
79. Have a reading with a medium
80. Go on a boat(6/13/15)
81. Go whale watching
82. Host a brunch with friends
83. Do the bean-boozled challenge(8/13/15)
84. Read for 30 minutes every night for one month
85. Go to a paint night
86. Inspire someone to write their own list
87. Go on a ghost tour
88. Go to the batting cages
89. Dance in the rain
90. Spend a day reading in Barnes and Noble
91. Be in a show again

Travel (1/9)
92. Visit the Lizzie Borden House
93. Visit 4 new states
94. Visit the Smithsonian in DC
95. Go to Santa’s village
96. Go to Foxwoods
97. Go to NYC
98. Go to a Red Sox game in a different state
99. Go to York Beach
100. Go to Harry Potter World(6/13/16)

101. Create a new list when the 1001 days are over

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