February Goals

Hi friends, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? My bad. I’ve just had a ton going on recently and no motivation to blog. BUT, I’m back and will definitely not be taking that long of a break anytime soon.

I’m currently sick in bed with the flu and it is a w f u l. I’m extremely busy this week and it is probably the worst time for me to get sick. But, it’s giving me a chance to sit and blog for a little so I guess I’ll take advantage of it!

I figured there is no better way to start blogging again than to share my February Goals with all of you! Goal posts are some of my favorites to read, and they definitely keep me accountable.


  1. Get back into blogging
  2. Gym 3x a week (once I get over this sickness)
  3. Post everyday on Instagram 
  4. Read 2 books
  5. Figure out a good daily and weekly routine
  6. Visit a new historic site
  7. Cook dinner 21 out of the 28 days
  8. Get ahead on school work before Spring break so I can relax

Thats it for this month!

What are some of your goals for February? Lets make these 28 days count!



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